Translation and Research Services

Polish and Polish-American Cemetery Inscriptions

You can check for inscriptions gathered principally from Polish-American cemeteries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and parts of Pennsylvania (mostly central or northeast Pennsylvania). Some, but by no means all, inscriptions for non-Polish parish cemeteries are also in this collection.

We also have inscriptions from the following cemeteries in Poland; Dabrowa Bialostocka, Majewo, Rozanystok, Grodzisk, Karpowicze and Czarna Białostocka in the former province of Bialystok; Przytuly, Slucz, Burzyn, Piatnica and Stawiski in the former province of Lomza; Myszyniec in the former province of Ostroleka; and Wola Ranizowska in the former Galicia.

Partial transcriptions of other cemeteries from the above named areas are also available. However the indexes have not been completed at this time. They will be added to the database once they have been processed.

Please go to and search the surname database.
Fee: $3.00 per surname.

Polish Diocesan Church Directories

Polish diocesan church directories, issued at periodical intervals by diocesan officials, can be located for your ancestral parish. The guides vary in quality. Some merely list the church’s address, others provide a brief history, a photograph of the church, a list of villages that belong to the parish and other statistical information.

A small number of these publications have been digitized or are online. You can locate them by putting the appropriate search terms in any search engine.

Fee: $1.00 per page and SASE


Speakers can be provided to address your group or organization on Polish/Eastern European or Irish Research. All speakers are credentialed, professional genealogists.

Please send your requests to Professor Jonathan Shea at  

Polish Telephone Directory Research

Research can be done in our collection of Polish provincial telephone books. Because these directories are NOT one master alphabetical list, an hourly research fee will be charged for a thorough search of the entire directory (average time is 2 hours). Each city, town and village is listed separately.

Most directories date from the 1990s, and in those published after 2000, full street addresses are not given to comply with Polish privacy laws. Still, this can be a way to find living relatives in Poland when other leads fail.

Fee: $2.00 per surname in a specific locality.
Or, $15.00 per hour to research the whole book.


Research can be performed and documents translated from the Roman Catholic parishes from which Prof. Shea descends as well as in any available church censuses from these localities.  The parishes are Przytuly in the former Province of Lomza and Dabrowa Bialostocka in the former Province of Grodno

Indexes to some of these records are currently being developed and will be added to this site as they become available.


Translations are offered only of birth, marriage and death entries in Polish and Russian. Translations of other document types and in other languages are not currently available.  Available at a lower rate are extracts in which the vital information is transferred onto pre-printed forms we have devised for this purpose.

You must send a sample copy of the material to be translated for evaluation purposes.

Fee: Varies according to the nature of the material to be translated.  This is why we need a sample copy – so we can quote an accurate price. 

For all inquiries, please e-mail Prof. Jonathan Shea at  Please use this address only to order copies or services.